Ngapali Beach

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Rumour has it the name came from a home sick Italian from Naples, but Ngapali beach is a far cry from any Italian city. It has become the go to destination for travelers craving sun, sea and sand in Myanmar, with some saying it is the most beautiful beach in the whole country. Situated in the Rakkine state, it still retains some of its regional culture and fishing village roots, with small boats out on the seas day and night bringing in fresh seafood to supply the many beach side restaurants here.


Silken white sands, clear blue waters and some unbeaten seafood options, make this place a little strip of heaven. With the sand ways on the beach being smoother than the infamously bumpy roads of the area, many locals prefer to use the beach front to pull their ox and cart, making for a unique sight to behold and a reminder of you where you are in the world.


Some fantastic luxurious resorts can be found at Ngapali Beach, the best in the country, but thankfully not too many as to crowd the beautiful shoreline. Snorkeling trips by boat can be arranged by most hotels, a great way to observe the beautiful tropical fish in the pristine waters. This beach is stunning spot for a relaxing end to a rigorous sightseeing tour of the country, or even a purely direct option for those wanting an unadulterated beach holiday with a splash of unique culture.

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