Duration: Culture | Nature

Myanmar Discover

Designed for the individuals, couples and groups of young and motivated people who travel to experience the hidden beautiful places or learn the ways of life of people in Myanmar. Immersion travel experience in community activities from a full day to a week will make you feel like a local. 

Discover different livelihoods and unique lifestyles

Myanmar has many sites of historical, diverse cultural and complex geography and most of the populations in rural areas are living on different livelihoods and unique lifestyles. When Myanmar Discover tours are organized, do-no-harm principles as well as the environment and social code of conduct that contribute to sustainable development of Myanmar tourism are considered to comply with. Moreover, the tours will offer the holiday-goers a chance to participate in an experimental activity to learn and taste the culture, lifestyle, language and authentic home-grown and home-cooked food of the rural community. These are fun and learning tours for individuals, families and couples of all ages. Myanmar is blessed with many repeat visitors who simply love the people, culture and the country. Those who choose a holiday in Myanmar for second time desire the non-touristy or newly discovered destinations. A lot of untouched destinations are there to be discovered.