Holidays for

Designed for the small groups of family with children; who are explorers seeking new experience at their own pace, who would like to avoid familiar organized packaged tours. The family will meet and observe the local people, try new food, do adventurous activities, try to adapt in new environment and different culture, stay at the comfort accommodation, and relax some parts of the holidays.

Family Travel of En Route offers the most memorable visits to the beautiful places in Myanmar to feel the unspoiled nature, observe the unique culture and lifestyle, and experience the sweet and warm hospitality of Myanmar people. There are some activities such as visiting the toddy hut, observing how the oxen or buffalos are used in farm life, milking the cows, bonding with the Burmese cats, trying out the yellowish Thanakha paste on face, and experiencing all the new things while staying at the cozy and safe hotels with swimming pools and eating at the child friendly restaurants. This way, the parents and children will have shared experience, active and fun activities together as well as leisure time.