Duration: CBT Myanmar

Community based tourism is a kind of tourism in which the local residents invite tourist to visit their communities as overnight accommodation. It includes individuals’ responsibility for both tourists and locals. It is also a way of discover the lifestyles of local people, their traditions, their habitats, respects their cultures and aware of their social value, environment, natural and cultural heritage.

Community based tourism enables the tourist to discover local habitats and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. The community will be aware of the commercial and social value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through tourism, and this will foster community based conservation of these resources.

By making community based tourism, there are many benefits to community.

Job Opportunity

Community Based Tourism can expand job opportunity to local people. Previously, they went to another places or region and left their communities to work. Because of community based tourism, they can work happily with their family within their communities.

Community Empowerment

They can describe their way of lives to the outside world and can make their own decision making process. They can also improve communication skill and have more self-confidence on themselves.

Empowerment of women

Nowadays, men often travel to work in the city, leaving their wives at home to take care of family. This change in lifestyle has had many sad consequences, including the break-up of families, an increase in HIV/ AIDS and the increasing institutionalization of men as sole providers, and women as passive recipients.

Women paly key role in CBT. They share responsibility for developing, organizing and participating in CBT activities. Women are also usually the hosts of ‘Homestay’ activities, and often the experts in local cookery, arts and crafts.

Higher quality of life for local population

Because of CBT, hospitals, healthcare, school, clean water and improving infrastructures are noticeably happened.

Promoting community pride

Community can has their own images and can show their own culture.

Passing on traditional local knowledge of the environment, local handicrafts, weaving style, local foods, ceremonies and medicines is held by the older generation. The younger generation, with increasing influences from outside the community, has often been disinterested to learn ancient skills.

CBT activities are often based on these traditional aspects of daily life, providing a new opportunity and incentive for the younger generation to take interest in and appreciate their rich heritage.

Increase Hygiene and Safety Awareness

In community based tourism, we give advice on food preparation, cleanliness of toilet and bathing areas, and presentation of sleeping areas. We have been pleased to notice improvements in village homes. This will have positive effects on community health.