The Golden Rock of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

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The Golden Rock of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda is one of the country’s most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The gold-covered boulder is said to maintain its balance thanks to a single hair of the Buddha enshrined inside the pagoda. To reach the top of the mountain, one can either make a 13-kilometre climb (allow about seven hours) or take an open truck with other pilgrims along a steep and winding road to a so-called middle camp. From there, all visitors have to walk up the remaining 4 kilometres (500 metres in altitude) on a steep track. An easy alternative for those who can’t manage the way on foot is to rent a sedan chair, which is carried by four porters to the top. Once arrived at the pagoda expect spectacular views, particularly at sunrise or sunset. The whole site has a magic charisma and is a famous site for meditation.

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